Born and raised in Sápmi, Sofia Jannok is a singer, song writer, producer and snow lioness from Sweden. No matter whether she writes her music in English, Swedish or her mother tongue Sámi she embraces each piece with an unmistakable identity. Sofia Jannok’s music is a mix of beats, acoustic sound, power yoiks, modern pop and innovative vastness. Her voice has a special character and her music is imaginative. Sofia Jannok has never been afraid to wander in between different genres, languages and soundscapes. Every record over the years is created around a specific theme, atmosphere and instrumentation. “I avoid repeating myself”, she says. Sofia Jannok’s carefully produced albums evolve with her progress as both musician and human. Entering stage as an 11 year old girl from Gellivare, Sweden, she has a wide range of experiences leading her to where she is musically today, always with her distinctive voice at center. Following words Sofia Jannok wrote as an introduction to her album ORDA – This is my land (2016):

“Here borders are to be crossed.
Here opposites come together, equally worthy of existing.
Here the contrast rises, showing the beauty.
Here the conflicts begin, if I fight the divisions.
Here the eye realizes the perspectives.
Here the yearning finds peace, with one foot on either side.
Here the storm gets its power.

I am this storm, born and raised on the tree line. The emotions, reflections and debates I come across are found on, about and because of the tree line.

I am the snow grouse hard to trace, spreading my wings over the border with no effort at all. The hunter shoots me down again and again – still I am here. We all are.

I am the snow lioness, fighting the norm that wants to erase my everything and create only one landscape, in a world where there are multiple.

I am the power yoik in the front line of nature protecting herself for future generations.
To all my indigenous relatives around our mother – may we never be silent.

I am the crooked birch tree, adapting to the climate by my stubborn love to life at the edge of the tundra.

For the unbreakable sinews of kin, I continue to sing.
For my future sisters, I raise my voice to the misters.
Kings and queens. Cities and trees. Mountains and seas. All that is in between.”


  • WWF Sweden’s Environmental Hero 2022 (Årets miljöhjälte Världsnaturfonden)
  • Saami Council’s Honorary Award 2022
  • Honorary doctor of Philosophy at Luleå University of Technology 2021
  • Evert Taube Award 2020
  • Visans vänner scholarship 2018
  • The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s (Konstnärsnämnden) long time scholarship 2017
  • Ulla Billquist scholarship 2017
  • Twice nominated for independent music labels’ prize Manifest (Folk 2014,  Rythm 2017)
  • Best Music Video, ImagineNATIVE film festival, Toronto, 2016 (We Are Still Here)
  • Nils Aslak Valkeapää Music Prize, 2015
  • Artist of the year, World Music Award, Sweden (Folk- och världsmusikgalan), 2014
  • Twice Grammy nominated in Sweden (Grammis, Årets folk- och visa 2010, 2014)
  • Prince Eugen’s Cultural Prize, 2009
  • SKAP Music Prize, 2008
  • Prince Eugen’s Culture Prize, 2007
  • Rubus Arcticus, 2006


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Vacker dálvi EP2020Buy
ORDA – This is my land2016Buy
Áhpi (Wide as Oceans)2013Buy
Áššogáttis (By the Embers)2009Buy

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