“To channelize my feelings about the urgent need of knowledge about my people – the Sámi people – which I meet wherever music takes me around the world I founded Sofia Jannok Foundation where I can work on this matter, without always having to bring it up on the music stage. I wanted to not only talk about resistance, decolonizing or rights to exist, but also do something proactive to support all these elements. My foundation is to support indigenous peoples, both within Sápmi – the area of my people – but also around the world. In times of climate changes, structural oppression and urbanized life style this is something I care extra about.”


If you want to support our struggle to protect the land and waters of Sápmi, donations are gratefully recieved. Your gift matters!

Within Sweden:

Swish 123 130 3650
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International donations:

IBAN: 4280000826440631508454

Olu giitu! | Thank you so much!


Listen & spread the song Lávvu. All income from streaming of this song goes to protecting the forest.

Official press release regarding the campaign Stand With Luokta-Mávas, 19 Nov 2020

Sign our petition. Every signature amplifies our voices to strengthen our righteous human rights as indigenous people in upcoming confrontations with exploitation companies and responsible politicians.

Open letter Indigenous Sámi People Sound the Alarm, published in Aftonbladet 26 Nov 2020

Use the hashtag #StandWithSápmi when sharing your support on social media.

Sofia Jannok Foundation Award

The board hands out an award of 30 000 Swedish Crowns to persons or organizations who worked for indigenous peoples and mother Earth.

2023Mats Jonssonhttps://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/liza-b/pressreleases/sofia-jannoks-stiftelse-delar-ut-stipendium-till-serietecknaren-mats-jonsson-3281284
2021Maret Anne Sara, Anders Sunna & Pauliina Feodoroffhttps://www.mynewsdesk.com/se/liza-b/pressreleases/sofia-jannoks-stiftelse-delar-ut-90-000-kr-till-samiska-konstnaerer-3176694
2017World Reindeer Herder's Association
2016Lac du Flambeau Public School, Lac du Flambeau Reservation, Wisconsin, USA
2015Niila Inga, Leavas & Mats Blind-Berg, Girjas
2014Vaajmoe, Sámi youth choir